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You are what you eat

Everyone has a unique and individual level of optimum nutrition, which is usually a balancing act of very diverse nutritional requirements. What is working for one person, may not be good for you. Whether you're looking for an energy boost, trying to deal with digestive problems, have a chronic condition such as allergy or intolerance, digestive or bowel disorders, hormonal imbalances or whether you're looking to lose weight, I can help you.
My mission is to fully understand your ultimate diet, through conversation, profiling and, if necessary, clinical tests.

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I offer a free initial 15 minute phone conversation

About us

About us


K-GEN prides itself on formulating Ketogenic products that promote health, optimises ketones in the body, whist tasting second to none.

Our research and development team have Ketogenic Diet science at the heart of all product development. This is why we always guarantee:

  • Keto Formulation
  • Low Sugar
  • Free from Centred Ingredients
  • Accurate Dosages
  • Synergy with Ingredients
  • Quality Sourced Ingredients
  • Regulated Products and Claims
  • Manufactured in the UK to ISO, Informed Sport and Batch-tested Standards

Lets find your best self, together

How do we help you at K-Gen?

An initial consultation lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on individual circumstances. It covers a number of topics to better understand not just medical symptoms but also background, medical history, eating habits and lifestyle factors. This information may need to be integrated by laboratory analysis.

After all the information is analysed, a full report is prepared and discussed with the patient. The report highlights:

  • Red Flags: what are the suspected causes of imbalances
  • Action Points: suggested steps to be taken by the patient to address the Red Flags
  • A Sustainable Nutritional Programme based on the patient’s food preferences
A follow up period of two to three weeks helps the patient to implement the Actions Points and the Nutritional Programme.

A second consultation is usually scheduled after three to five weeks. This is a chance for the patient to discuss the successes and the challenges of the previous weeks and how to consolidate the wins for the long term.

  • Initial Consultation: **enter content, price, time**
  • Follow-up Consultation (in person/Skype/Zoom): **enter content, price, time**
  • Package of three follow up consultations: **enter content, price, time**
This fee reflects the time spent researching your health concerns prior to your visit, and unrushed, friendly face-to-face consultation, together with limited support via email or telephone during the course of your program. Some complex cases may require extra support and I am happy to be in touch on a more regular basis. Any additional charges commensurate with the particulars of your specific case will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Available from Monday to Friday.

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All consultations take place at **your address or clinic** or by Skype/Zoom. I do prefer to meet you in person face to face, at least once if possible.

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