Bossfit Academy

BOSSFIT Academy is a company that provides personal training, nutrition plans and fitness classes to a variety of individuals and needs.
Originally established in London, the main branch is now located in Hull, East Yorkshire, providing unparalleled support to clients trying to reach their fitness goals.



Online Coaching

Live far away or want to train at your own gym? Don’t worry; you can still receive training and support through my online coaching plan via PT Hub with monthly subscriptions.Here you’ll be able to access virtual workouts which can be followed at home, at the gym or outdoors. Workouts can also be designed specifically for each individual client’s body type and requirements with full nutrition plans based on your measurements with your goals in mind. All clients will receive a pre and post check in to monitor progress, alongside guidance throughout. Monthly membership grants FREE ACCESS TO ALL BOSSFIT CLASSES.

121 Online Sessions

Once on a monthly membership or registered with BOSSFIT Academy via mypthub you then also have the option to purchase one to one sessions with me online via zoom. I have a variety of different packages to suit your needs as detailed in the tables below. As you can see, the more sessions you purchase the better value you get. With these packages you can decide how many sessions you want to train a week; I am available to book for up to three sessions per week per person.

Online HIIT Body Weight Circuit Classes

These classes are designed to help you burn maximum calories whilst developing your strength, perfect for individuals looking to lose body fat or tone up and get fitter. During the class we’ll tackle different exercises targeting every muscle group across multiple rounds. All exercises can be adapted for different fitness levels meaning these classes are ideal for all abilities.Everyone's first class is FREE.BOSSFIT classes individually puchased are at 5 CREDITS.BOSSFIT classes can be paid for credits which can be purchased via mypthub via packages...



6 years ago I was trying to run on a treadmill alongside my friend, man boobs were bouncing up and down and I was completely out of breath. All I could think about was having a greasy takeaway, but it was a mindset like that which led me to the situation I was in; I knew it was time to make a change. It was then I pledged no more unhealthy habits and feeling insecure in my own body.

From here, I designed my own HIIT bodyweight circuit (a class that I still run currently) which I could follow everyday from the comfort of my own home. This was exactly what I needed since I couldn’t afford gym equipment or membership, and to begin with I was still getting over my insecurities. I also took the time to start educating myself on nutrition and developed a food plan that worked effectively for both me and my goals.

6 months later, I’d lost 6 stone and my own Mother didn’t recognise me when I walked past her on the street. During this transformation everyone wanted to know what my secret was, how did I do it? I was giving others who also struggled with weight hope. So, I took my education further and studied anatomy and physiology with nutrition and qualified as a personal trainer. This was when the BOSSFIT Academy was made.

Working in London I was able to build a successful brand and business, whilst the London branch is still running, I’ve personally moved north to grow the BOSSFIT brand nationally. My knowledge and expertise have given me opportunities such as training alongside Jimmy Marku (UK Strong Man) and Hugh Jackman. Though I still train celebrities, I also train people from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, tone your body or simply get fitter; I can help you on your journey.

I’ll teach you how to train yourself and consistently live a better life with nutrition plans, bespoke workouts, fitness class and online training.  Welcome to the BOSSFIT way of life.



★★★★★ - Sarah F
Got me motivated to get fit and healthy!! Thank you Barry already feeling the results. Would definitely recommend getting on board with the BOSSFIT way of life. 

★★★★★ - Pablo F
Harold is a great trainer - really nice guy and works you hard. Had a great time with him!

★★★★★ - Suzie B
The whole process was extremely easy and efficient. A free intro session was a great way to ensure I was happy with committing to the journey and paying for the a block of sessions in advance.

★★★★★ - Nikki B
Amazing experience.  Feel so much better and heathier after booking in my sessions!!


How do you match me with a trainer? 
Our process always begins with a phone call to go over your enquiry. This is a chance for us to chat through your fitness goals, any injuries you may have and get to know you a bit better before we pair you up. We then take all this into consideration when pairing you with a trainer to make sure that they are the right fit for you. Next we will match you to one of our vetted & brilliant trainers, who will kickstart your fitness journey with a free 45 min Zoom taster & consultation session. This is a chance for you to meet your trainer before you book your first session.

What are the packages I can buy?
We offer in person packages and online packages. These both come in blocks of 10, 20 or 30 sessions. Prices vary from £33 - £60 per session depending on the package you wish to buy.  

How long do I have to use up my sessions? 
For the 10 session block you have 3 months and for the 20 and 30 session blocks you have 6 months. We recommend scheduling a session at least once a week to encourage consistency.

Do I have to bring/buy my own equipment? 
Due to Covid-19 we won't be sharing equipment. We can start with bodyweight, however, if you are keen to incorporate we can suggest affordable equipment to buy online.

Do you do pregnancy training? 
Yes, we have many pre and post natal qualified trainers on our team who can work with you at every stage of your pregnancy to make sure you are exercising and eating in the most optimal way for you and your baby. 

I want to train with a friend, is this possible?
Yes! Our packages cover two people so you can split the cost with a partner, friend or family member. In the consultation with your trainer it is important to let them know if you are training with a friend so they can prepare accordingly. 


Phone: +447743110769